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We are back again and happy to introduce our new collaboration with the lovely brand, Reebok!



What was the inspiration / overall theme of the product design?


At Paperboy, we always been inspired by our childhood from the 90s. The game Paperboy where a kid is delivering newspapers in suburban has a very special place in our heart. It came with the Super NES and back then it was the ultimate entertainment system.

We decided on this collaboration to pay hommage to the milk boys which has a similar way of delivery than the newspaper “PaperBoy”.

We kept the original symbol such as a bike, the white uniform, the family business setup, the milk bottles and the milk paperboxes. The models in the campaign are our staff / family crew, the kid is my son and the photographer is a long time friend.

In term of narrative, its pretty straight forwards, milk bottles with the reebok / beams logos will be delivered by my staffs and my son. We can see him getting ready, fixing his bike and riding the city.

We encouraged at Paperboy hard working, creatively and physically. Thats why we kept a bike a delivery vehicle and we spent a month creating the images.



What does this Reebok collaboration mean for you and this evolving partnership?


Reebok means a lot for us, especially the 2 shoes we designed with BEAMS. They were iconic in the 90s and I owned them back in my childhood. We tend to focus on simple products with an high emotional background. We kept it clean and we added some fresh designs in it such as the drawing in the inner sole, the logos laces, and the side logo placeholder where you can change the logo.

The crewneck is very close to our heart as well, the boxy shape, the huge logo in the back and the 2 flags French and Japanese on the sleeves are inspired from motorsport uniforms.

Reebok gave us full freedom to design the pieces as well as picking from their heritage logos the one we wanted to highlight. From that the boxy REEBOK logo, the FLOWER and the WAVES was for us the original graphics were the essentials one for our collaboration.

All of our collaboration are very organic in the way we start them and make them evolve. We design products we would love to wear, as simple as that.



What does this silhouette mean to you?


The full white track suits has been treated as uniforms, delivery boy v2.0 uniforms.

We are close to the youth culture and our clients often wear those full tracksuit look, we are paying hommage to the street and sport culture we witnessing everyday in Paris but as well when we travel the world. We like universal symbols, things that speak to everybody. I guess that’s how we treat food here : Our customers are French but as well world travellers and food is the thing we all share, same as music.


The grey crewneck sweater as mentioned previously is motorsport design oriented, since the visuals emphasise on the delivery boys action.


 The shoes are classic as well, we kept things simple and add our little twist and the concept of family / crew is very important, that’s the reason you can notice the huge Paperboy CREW logo on the back



Any specific design features to callout with this execution?


– the Reebok vintage 90s boxy logo

– the Reebok vintage 90s flower logo

– the French flag on the cap

– the French and Japanese flag on the arms of the crewneck

– the Paperboy logos on the laces

– the illustrations printed in the innersole

– the “Paperboy” wearing a cap with the reebok FLOWER logo

– the grey sponge materials as the shoes inner layer

Who is the consumer for this launch / partnership?


Everybody, from our crew and family to the rest of the world.

We believe our products can speak to everybody as the food does.

Within playing with logos and designs, we focus on keeping our products simple : everything is white, black or grey. We let our customers be the one in charge of styling our products. So yes all items can be mixed in any wardrobe, we believe in our customers to appropriate those collaborative items and make them theirs, and not imposing a specific styling direction.



Can you give us some background and creative direction of the photoshoot?


Our reference image, then one which resonates the most and always came back in our early discussion was the 90s milk advertising : portraits of celebrity with a MILK moustache.

Clean background, classic lighting and focus on the face expression.

We have worked with Laurent Segretier, our close friend artist, who has photographed both campaign and lifestyle images.

In the first part of the project, he focused on designing specific bottle of milks, including the logos, inspired by spaceship designs : NASA, SPACE X.

The first hero was the bottle, then the bottles broke and it revealed our shoes.

Once the shoes were produced, shipped in Paris and ready to be worn, we setup 2 photoshoots with our close friends and family staff.

I, James, wanted to work with my son ISSA on this collaboration, I guess it’s part of the transmission system. I am a kid at heart and off course my second son is my inner mirror. Laurent, the photographer even noticed that the Paperboy logo, the head one, looks exactly like him on profile 🙂

ISSA became our main delivering boy, fixing his bike with his loved tools, and playing with the older boys.

Two generations are illustrated in this campaign, transmission is key here.

Fun is key too, love always at the center of our creativity.

Two sets of images communicates to each other : Strict conceptual packshot / white background portraits are facing authentic lifestyle images.



Are there any fun facts about the design, designer or partnership that you want us to include?


Shooting a kid is not as easy as you could think 🙂

ISSA didn’t want to be shot initially and he made strong point about it when he arrived on the photo studio set.

Laurent and I played the anime we both ISSA and us loved : Teenage Mutant ninja Turtle.

We all started to dance, jump and sing the anime song 🙂

ISSA still wasn’t interested but Laurent challenged him but doing crazy breakdance moves, while shooting in the same time. ISSa started to laugh and that’s how the shooting started

As a little boy , he always love to play with his screwdrivers. We asked him if he wanted to fix the bikes and here we go ! The first strong photo was made !

We realised it was just about having fun, the same way we cook. No need to be too serious, we treated the shoot as a fun time all together .

We asked ISSA if he wanted to come in the bike and deliver the Milk bottles ? What we saw was a huge smile on his face and that’s how we made those iconic images of him ridding in the cargo bike.

I noticed a funny trick Laurent was doing : he kept entertaining my son, talking to him the whole shooting but as as well when I looked closer : HE HAS CANDIES GLUED TO HIS CAMERA LENS !